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Award-winning Producer (05' - Present)

2020 is the 15th Anniversary of Harmony Tree. There is no better occasion to reflect on and send gratitude to all who have supported our development to make HT a global success today.

In 2005, HT’s journey began with Theatre Education and it was wonderful to see the growth in students as they obtained invaluable life skills. However, it has long been my vision to build a comprehensive platform that goes beyond performing arts, that students can benefit greatly from HT’s unparalleled opportunities and achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

15 years later, I’m very proud that HT has had the privilege to get many students off on their right  foot in any path they pursue. Some admitted into their dream schools, some became scholarship recipients in their fields, some got the most competitive internships etc. But all of them have one thing in common - a superb portfolio with visionary planning. I’m extremely thankful for the trust families placed in HT and our team to grow together with their children. 

HT has had great success over the past 14 years and much of that goes to my fantastic team, the support of students and their families, as well as our global sponsors and partners. I sincerely thank all of you for backing us over the years.

We look forward to sharing with you all a fruitful journey in the next 15 years!



6x London Musical Theatre in Production Distinction Awards5x Trinity International Exhibition Awards(Highest mark of  year in advance level in HK, Macau & Mainland)

3000+ HK Schools' Speech Festival Winners with multiple RTHK Winners' Recital invites
and many more global recognitions.

Extensive Network

Our award-winning and experienced team stationed in major cities around the world from Shanghai, Singapore, Vancouver, New York etc with our HQ in Hong Kong.


With a comprehensive network around the globe we provide immediate support with the most up-to-date resources.

Unparalleled Benefits

HT Plus is the global membership of Harmony Tree  to reward our most valuable clients with unique privileges that can enhance your HT experience.

To enjoy prestigious benefits and offers from us and our global partners, be a member of
HT Plus now! 

Unique Opportunities

Students get to experience and take advantage of unique opportunities offered by HT for eye-opening exposure to portfolio building local and overseas. 

Global Partners

HT is proud to be supported by exquisite sponsors and partners from around the world. It elevates and testifies the standard and quality of Harmony Tree.

Professional Team

HT Advisory Board, Management and Production Team consist of industry elites, professionals, scholars from a variety of disciplines and regions for creations.

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