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At HT, when it comes to your future plan, the sky is the limit. 

Not a Regular Agent

Some consider HT as agent but no agent will have a vision for your future plan long before you even realise it. When agents open your file for the first time, HT already has your file opened since the first day you participate in an award-winning theatre program, or join the World Debate Society.

The value of HT means a global networkextraordinary opportunities17 years of experience and a professional team in North America. Planting your dream boarding schools or elite universities is the fruition of your portfolio building journey at HT. No matter you are 5 or 15, Plant the seed with us now!

Network of Service


Boarding Schools

Universities & Colleges

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Interview Prep


Strategies & Planning

Portfolio Building

Local Follow Up

Exclusive Scholarships

With a network of 3000+ Schools, what sets us apart is that scholarship opportunities are offered exclusively for HT StudentsFrom boarding schools to universities, from academic excellence to extra curricular achievements,  from general entries to specific programs, from East Coast to the West, the advantage is right here at HT

HT Study Abroad Guides

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