Flying High in Shanghai!

"We all have fun and enjoy the tour so much! Thank you for HT's arrangement and taking care of Chloe!"
- Mother of Chloe (Lost Child)

"We should thank you for the opportunity given and appreciate all your hard work! "
- Mother of Scarlett (Smee)

"Leah had a great time! She can't stop telling me about all the things happened in Shanghai! Thank you for organising this trip and making this a memorable experience for Leah! "
- Mother of Leah (Tiger Lily)

"Thank you for taking of Vera! She definitely enjoys this great experience very much!"
- Mother of Vera (Wendy Darling)

"Thank you for taking of Brian these past few days! We all enjoyed the event. Thank you!"
- Mother of Brian (Captain Hook)

We sincerely thank The Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall for the invitation as well as all the cast families for their arduous support!